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Born & raised in East Harlem, also known as Spanish Harlem or El Barrio to most, b-dope grew up in the middle of hip-hop during the 80's.. He was influenced by many artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Lord Finesse, Grand Daddy I.U., Erick B & Rakim, and Nice & Smooth just to name a few. B-Dope use to kick rhymes into a karaoke machine and play his music blended with others out of his 4th floor window for his friends to hear in the hopes they would think his songs were dope, which is how he ended up getting his rap name b-dope.

In the middle of high school b-dope relocated to Miami with his mother & younger brother, and it was quite the change of scenery he was used to especially musically. It wasn't until he met Sim-E (who had just recently relocated from the Big Apple himself), things started to take on a breath of familiarity!! The two connected and started writing & recording together (plus Sim had begun to dabble in production, making beats by recording onto tape cassettes & discovering samplers). The two decided to form a group together called School Dayze, which was also part of a larger clique called BPS - Black Poet Society (BPS morphed & evolved into Blunt Cru, and then Unknown Fleet later on)! Within months were performing at clubs & getting their songs played on radio stations in Miami like Hot 105, Power 96, and underground college stations like WVUM, Mix 96.1, Saturday Night Funkbox, and 88.1. Thier youth and skill made them popular since they were still in high school. After adding a third member to the group D-Rhythm (now going by Bogey) their popularity grew even more but then life happened & b-dope went his separate ways leaving Sim-E & D-Rhythm to look for a replacement and then formed Lastrawze! Not too long after that however, b-dope came back to the fold & even joined Lastrawze for a bit, before forming Da Funkie Lunaticks with Dj Craze (Once part of the group was Mic Rippa R.I.P. & Cue45). After a production deal with Groove Merchant / Motown Records fell through Craze went on to make history becoming one of the biggest & best battle DJs to date, and b-dope went back to rhyming solo while rocking with his crew The Unknown Fleet! Even through impending adulthood & things like fatherhood & marriages, b-dope remains passionate about his craft & skill, and still maintains a tight brotherhood with his crew, from Sim-E all the way to Dj Craze who he remains like a brother with to this day!!! B-Dope has recently dropped That Eighty Eight $H!T Soley produced by his wife Mz. Melz @melz.bangerz (IG).

Coming Soon: Still Unknown...



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Bobby Drake 786-509-9960

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