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b-dope was born and raised in East Harlem, a hotbed of hip-hop in the 1980s. Growing up as Spanish Harlem or El Barrio to his neighbors. 

b-dope was surrounded by the sounds that would shape his future.

Legends like Big Daddy Kane, Lord Finesse, and Rakim were his soundtrack. His early freestyles found a unique audience - his friends on the street below, where b-dope would blast his rhymes from a karaoke machine, earning him the nickname that stuck: b-dope.

A move to Miami in high school brought a cultural shift, but a chance encounter with Sim-E, a fellow New Yorker, rekindled b-dope's musical flame. Together, they formed School Dayze, a group that quickly gained traction in the Miami scene. Their youthful energy and lyrical skills landed them gigs at clubs and airplay on local stations like Hot 105 and Power 96. School Dayze morphed into BPS, then Blunt Cru, and finally, the Unknown Fleet, a crew that became b-dope's musical family.

The group's journey wasn't without its detours. After adding D-Rhythm (now Bogey), b-dope briefly went solo before rejoining forces to form Lastrawze. He later teamed up with DJ Craze and created Da Funkie Lunaticks with Mic Rippa, then later Cue 45 but an unfulfilled record deal sent b-dope back to his solo roots, rocking with the Unknown Fleet crew.

Through fatherhood, marriage, and the natural flow of life, b-dope's passion for hip-hop never faded. He maintains a deep connection with his musical family, from Sim-E to DJ Craze. His latest album, "That Eighty Eight $H!T," produced by his wife Mz. Melz, is a testament to his enduring creativity.

b-dope's story is one of resilience, community, and love for the art form that shaped him. The future, as they say, is still unknown, but one thing's for sure: b-dope's rhymes will keep flowing.



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